Garden Design

To create a beautiful garden that provides comfortable outdoor living space, it is essential to plan and design the garden. The garden design process involves many stages including gathering and collating much information before drawing up the actual plan. The first step is surveying the garden and involves the following:

  • Linear survey - Measuring the dimensions of the garden boundaries.
  • Level survey - Measuring the garden topography.
  • Soil survey - Analyzing soil pH and soil type and structure.
  • Environment survey - Observing the impact the surrounding environment has on the garden.

When the above information has been collected a design can be produced. Although there are no set rules when designing a garden, there are design principles (such as scale and proportion) that a designer must aware of and fully understand in order to create a garden that makes sense and looks great all year round.

Our design package includes the following:

  • A full color plan drawn to scale, from which the garden design can be laid out. See the examples on the right.
  • A series of construction details also drawn to scale.
  • A planting plan illustrating all plants and their sizes.

For a free consultation or to discuss your garden project with us please contact us.

Example garden design 1
Example garden design 2

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